The Best Kept Secret of Christian Mission…

The Best Kept Secret of Christian Mission…

The Best Kept Secret of Christian Mission…is the title of a very important book by John Dickson in which he makes an important distinction between the role of an Evangelist, and the broader category of promoting the gospel. The former refers to the specific activity of proclaiming the gospel, while the wider category of promoting the gospel includes any and every activity that draws others to Christ. Such activities include

  • Prayer for people to know Jesus
  • Resourcing mission with money and material support
  • Doing good to others with compassion
  • Living with integrity and godliness
  • Having public worship services that are attractive to the outsider
  • Being ready in daily conversation to give a reason for the hope we have
  • And of course, speaking about the person of Jesus Christ

In other words, EVERY Christian is involved in mission. We are all called to promote the gospel and have a mindset that seeks to see others won to Christ and growing in him.

I am so excited that South Wagga Anglican is a community that seeks to genuinely connect with others and invite them to experience Christian community and learn about this Jesus who has made such a difference in our lives. This ‘Mission Week’ is simply an ‘intensive’ of what we always want to do – live out the story of the gospel and invite others to hear that story for themselves.

Scott Goode

SWAC mission week is from Monday 26th September – Sunday 2nd October. You can download the  Official Guide Here.