Radically Conservative Churches

Radically Conservative Churches

In his book The Living Church, John Stott writes:

I have often said that we need more ‘R.C.’ churches, standing now not for Roman Catholic but for Radical Conservative churches – ‘conservative’ in the sense that they conserve what Scripture plainly requires, but ‘radical’ in relation to that combination of tradition and convention which we call ‘culture’. Scripture is unchangeable; culture is not.

It is this balance which Stott believes will ensure we have ‘an authentic or living church.’

I am very excited that after feedback from many within our parish, the Parish Council has further refined and subsequently endorsed our parish Mission, Vision, Values and 5 Year Focus. This document articulates an uncompromising desire to be gospel centred and yet encapsulates a bold vision for growth and engagement with our community.

During term 1, I want to invite you to make this vision your own and see yourself as a vital part of a R.C. church. On Friday the 3rd February we will dedicate this year in prayer to the Lord at our Vision Dinner. On Sunday mornings during term 1 our sermon series will see me preach through various aspects of this vision. From Sunday 5th February our regular childrens and youth ministry programs kick off. I Can’t wait!

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