4 Reasons to start an Evening Service

4 Reasons to start an Evening Service

ON THE 7th MAY we will launch a new Sunday evening service from 6pm at St. Paul’s Turvey Park. It will be monthly – the first Sunday of each month, and if the interest is there we will look to go weekly as soon as we can. Now, we are already quite a busy church with 4 weekly services over two locations (and numerous more services held in retirement villages), why would we choose to commence a new congregation? Let me articulate 4 reasons that emerge out of our SWAC core values:

Stewardship: Part of having a faith-filled vision for God’s church is to take some risks and ensure we are working towards the future and anticipating where God might be providing a ‘growth dynamic.’ Certainly, our youth and young adult ministry has grown significantly over the previous 12 months.

Worship: We need to have a broader and more balanced range of worship styles across our parish. Whilst the strength of our parish is providing styles of worship that connect with those of an Anglican background, over the last 30 years an entire generation has emerged around us who have had very little contact with the church and Biblical teachings.

All people: Our youth and young adults need a place to belong and contribute. Currently, our children, youth and young families make up only a small percentage of our entire church membership. If we are going to be a church for all people, we need to provide a pathway for them to serve and belong in our community.

Community: Statistically, church plants in Australia are 5 times more likely to reach the unreached than established churches. While strictly speaking this is not a church plant (it is a new congregation in an existing church), if we are going to reach new people with the love of Jesus we will need to embark upon our own fresh expressions.

Our new evening service is not just a youth service – it is for the young and the young at heart and will strive to be musically rich, informal, relational and gospel centred. Come along on Sunday 23rd April at 4.30pm for our pre-launch information gathering.

And then join us on Sunday 7th May as we launch this new and exciting adventure. Arrive 6pm sharp for the baptism of Adam Martin and then we will start the service shortly after. Our guest speaker will be our diocesan Synergy Youth  Director Andrew Edwards.