Want to study the Bible more in-depth?

Want to study the Bible more in-depth?

I am very excited that there is interest from some within our parish to study the Bible through the Moore College External Studies Department. The Preliminary Theological Certificate has been around now for some 70 years and more than 50,000 people have used Introduction to the Bible. If you are interested in taking your knowledge of the Bible, theology, church history, or ethics to the next level, can I encourage you to enrol in this course?

Although you can do this course by yourself on-line, we are offering to facilitate a small group learning session most weeks of the term. This will allow you to discuss the ideas you are learning as well as connect to others. You can choose whether to complete the exam at the end of each term.

For term 2, we are offering the following subject option:

Promise to Fulfillment –  Biblical Theology 2. This subject focuses on training students in a method of reading the Bible well by placing each passage of the Bible in light of its place in the single overarching story that binds the entire Bible together.

We will likely meet on Tuesday evenings and one of the ministry team will help facilitate the sessions.

You can find out more information online and via the subject guide provided below.

If you would like to join, our church office can enrol you as part of our SWAC group. Please let Scott or Lisa know by Friday 9th June. There is a cost of between $45-$70 per subject.

Preliminary Theological Certificate Subject Guide