Sermons on Acts

Sermons on Acts

Mission in the Public Square

In this Bible talk we see how the Apostle Paul contextualised his message for a non-Jewish audience. In a sense, we too, in the West, are becoming much less like Jerusalem and more and more like Athens in our religious behaviours and assumptions. In this talk, Scott explores what it means to be authentically missional in a rapidly changing culture.

Mission Threatened

In this sermon we see the early Church at a crisis point, needing to deal with the basis of how the Gentiles are saved. As a result, the church re-articulated a doctrine of grace: that God’s acceptance is all inclusive and without discrimination. And yet, increasingly in our society, religion is being portrayed as intolerant and discriminatory. How do we reconcile…

Vision for Growth

In the first of our Vision Series Scott Goode connects the holistic growth of the early Christian community in Acts 2:41-47 with our own parish vision to have a network of flourishing faith communities.  The missional nature of the Christian church means that we need to be radical in our attempt to connect with our culture, and yet conserve what Scripture teaches and…