Vision Series

Vision Series


In this final Vision talk, Scott outlines 4 principles of Christian giving and financial partnership: 1. It is motivated by God’s grace; 2. Don’t wait until you have enough; 3. Inspired not commanded; and 4. Proportional. Christian giving is a privilege that we participate in joyfully for the glory of God.

All People

In this Bible talk, Bill Anscombe speaks about the third ‘core value’ of our church: All People. We are called not only to belong to Christ, but to each other, and every person discovers their place in this world by belonging in community.


The second of our Church’s core values describes us as a worshipping community. But what is worship? Worship is to ascribe to God the highest value in your life, something that you will only do when you understand God not just as your maker, but as one in whom you can truly delight.


In this Bible talk we tackle the first of our 4 church vales: Stewardship. Stewardship is the faithful and fruitful management of the resources that God has entrusted to us. Personal stewardship of God’s gifting will mean that we look up, look in and look out (all at the same time).

Vision for Growth

In the first of our Vision Series Scott Goode connects the holistic growth of the early Christian community in Acts 2:41-47 with our own parish vision to have a network of flourishing faith communities.  The missional nature of the Christian church means that we need to be radical in our attempt to connect with our culture, and yet conserve what Scripture teaches and…