SWAC Online (Page 15)

SWAC Online (Page 15)

During the COVID-19 crisis we are providing a weekly resource pack including some feature video content, a pastoral letter from our Senior Minister Scott, and a newsletter. Just click on the weekly resources below to access all this…

Genesis 6:9-14

Can God be both loving and angry at the same time? This talk explores the justice of God as an expression of redemptive love. Ultimately in the time of the great flood, God Himself provided a shelter in which humanity could be protected from God’s just judgement.

Genesis 2

When Adam and Eve were placed by God in the garden he gave them both freedom and restrictions. In this talk we explore the relationship between these aspects of human experience and show how in service to a loving God we might perfect freedom.

The Good Samaritan

This parable shows the inseparable connection between love of God and love of neighbour. Yet we will only love like this when we come to know the one who has rescued us – Jesus Christ who has embodied the Good Samaritan towards us.