Adjumani Refugee Camp in Uganda

Uganda is one of the largest refugee-hosting nations in the world, with over 1,400,000 refugees (as of February 2020). The vast influx of refugees is due to several factors in Uganda’s neighboring countries, especially war and violence in South Sudan and the Democratic Republic of the Congo), and associated economic crisis and political instability in the region. South Sudan accounts for 62% of refugees in Uganda, while the Democratic Republic of the Congo accounts for 29%

Adjumani Camp in Uganda

Adjumani is a refugee district in the north of Uganda.
SWAC has a history of involvement with refugees from South Sudan who settled in Wagga.

Anglican Aid

In partnership with the Mothers’ Union of South Sudan in Uganda, Anglican Aid is helping to support Year 7-10 students as they attend local secondary schools. The scholarships go to a range of refugee children, from different South Sudanese tribes.

Open air class at Adjumani

The students selected for these scholarships are ones that perform well academically in primary school, and show great promise to complete secondary school. These are also students without family support and have no other way to access this all-important education.

As well as tuition, resources and uniforms, students must pay for boarding and personal expenses, cleaning and agriculture supplies and even supply their own mosquito nets. These costs are simply impossible for people living in situations of extreme poverty, unemployment and insecure food and water sources.

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