Davies in Peru

Davies in Peru

Nick and Kysha Davies

Nick and Kysha Davies, CMS missionaries in Peru

The Davies arrived in Peru in 2018 after studying Spanish in Bolivia so they could work with MOCLAM. They both have experience in developing educational programs in Australia: Nick in his job as a secondary school teacher and Kysha as part of a project management team for educational programs in the Health Department.

After their studies in Bible College, Nick returned to teaching while he worked with the English version of MOCLAM (known as the PTC). They have both served in different ministries with immigrants and international visitors in their church and see the importance of Christ-centred courses being available to all, regardless of their location or stage of life, and that is why they work with MOCLAM. Nick and Kysha teach and develop resources for MOCLAM, as well as supporting pastor-training in partnership with Peruvian ministries.


The goal of MOCLAM is to make accessible yet high quality theological education available to Spanish speakers throughout South and Central America. MOCLAM courses are based on material from Moore Colllege’s Preliminary Theology Certificate.
Several CMS missionaries serve with MOCLAM.
Nick and Kysha live in Lima, and support church leaders in Peru and other countries, who are undertaking MOCLAM training.


Peru is the third largest country by area in South America, after Brazil and Argentina. With 32.4 million people, it is the fourth most populous country.
Lima, with 9.7 million people, is its capital city and it lies on the Pacific coast. Almost two-thirds of the population of Lima live in slums ringing the city.

Christian influence

More than 80% of Peruvians speak Spanish as their native language. Latin America has a Roman Catholic history, and only about 11% of the population are Evangelicals.

Covid 19

At the end of September 2020, Peru had over 800,000 cases, the eighth highest number of cases in the world. There have been over 30,000 Covid deaths in Peru

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