Wagga Inter-Church Christian Education Team

WICCET organises SRE in Wagga schools, as agent for the Christian Churches. It is a subcommittee of Generate Ministries, a body set up by Scripture Union and major church groups, including Anglican Youthworks, to organise SRE and chaplaincy in NSW Govt. schools .

Phil Banton
Lexi Ward

Lexi Ward is the hon. SRE Cordinator with WICCET and Phil Banton is the High School SRE teacher Watch their short video from July 2020.

We have SRE in 8 primary schools in Wagga. There are 3 schools in Wagga that have not had SRE for many years. Primary Schools will increasingly adopt SRE enrolment only if parents opt their children in. In Kindergarten in 2020, about 50% have opted in. Other grades are higher due to opt-out enrolment, but opt-in will continue to be phased in. Please pray for numbers to remain high under this new method of SRE enrolment.

We would love to continue to train up more SRE teachers to enable us to enter into these schools in the coming years. It has been really exciting to see more teachers being trained to teach SRE over this Covid period. Now is still a great time to train new teachers in preparation for 2021.

Phil Banton was excited to be back in the classrooms to end 2020, teaching SRE at both Kooringal High and Wagga High. SRE is now run on an opt-in manner, so only those who get parent notes can enrol. Only about 10% of students attend, but recently there have been a few more start. Phil has been teaching a number of additional classes in the Primary Schools across Wagga, mainly in years 5 and 6. This is a great transition for him to be familiar with the kids coming into the High School. It has been encouraging
to see students enjoying and engaging with the lessons. Phil teaches SRE 3 days and has a Chaplaincy position at Bidgee School 2 days a week.

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